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Rafting Orava






Rafting Orava

Rafting the last stretch of the river Orava from Párnica to the confluence with Váh, close to Kraľovany. This section runs through a nice and pleasant Kraľovianska valley. Rafting is also suitable for families with children


Start can be on Párnica or Zábrež. if you choose the first option, it is important at the beginning of the village (at route from Kraľovany) to turn right on Žaškov, pass the railway crossing and you will see the the gathering point close to the bridge over Orava river. For the second variant, you must turn from Veličná to Oravská Poruba. Start is on the right side of the bridge.

Rafting ends actually already in Váh, just behind the junction of either left or right side. Another raft is relatively complicated, since the closest possible finish can be pumped to the dam power plant (if a steep bank is not so muddy). Flow will be significantly enlarged and the water level is very variable, according to power plant activity. It could happen that in the summer months you stay on the muddy bottom.


During cooler or more rainy period is also recommended waterproof jacket and neoprene boots. In warmer periods sufficient neoprene shorts, sandals and T-shirt. Helmet and lifehacket are also a necessity. Helmet is useful mainly against branches and fallen trees across the river.


This rafting is limited only by sufficient water levels, which are usually enough throughout the rafting season.


Difficulty: Low WW I – II
The length and time of the trip: Párnica (Orava Poruba) – Kraľovany, 8–9 km, about 1.5 – 2 hours


Distances those listed as the crow flies

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