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Rafting AVS L. Mikuláš








Rafting AVS L. Mikuláš

Ondrej Cibák's whitewater slalom is located at the edge of the town Liptovský Mikuláš, at road to the village Iľanovo, behind bridge over the Váh. Artificial channel with its difficulty and equipment meets the parameters of world-class (in 2007 European Championships held here in adult wild water canoeing). It is also the home channel for Olympic champions Michal Martikán and Elena Kaliská.

The area is used for various sporting activities. rafting is possible in selected periods.


If you are not one of the most experienced rafters, the greatest enjoyment ywill ou have from an experienced rafting instructor. Most rafting instructors are from Canoe Tatra Club and they know every detail of this track. Rafting with such an instructor can not be compared with anything else. You will take a spin in the tub and paddle into the cylinder as long as you are able to. The advantage of the site is that your friends throughout the journey can watch and encourage you from the shore.


It is recommended to use complete rafting equipment: neoprene boots, neoprene pants, waterproof jacket, helmet and quality vest. Under a waterproof jacket sholud be thermal underwear.


The length of time and the trip: 350 to 400 metres, usually 2 hours (more trips)
Restrictions: The resort is managed by the sports club, so rafting is possible only when there is not any training or competitions.


Squash Liptov Squash Liptov
1.1 km

Distances those listed as the crow flies

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