Rafting in Slovakia

Rafting Belá

Radting Belá, vrch Kriváň sa nachádza v pozadí.

Rafting Belá

Rafting Belá

Rafting Belá

Rafting Belá

Rafting Belá

Bela is situated in north-eastern Liptov region and stem directly under the peak of Kriváň.

River Bela is floating from Podbanské, from Kokavský most to the Liptovský Hrádok city. Recreation area Podbanské is located about 10 km east of the village Pribylina. Kokavský most is a part of Podbanské, where rafting is starting. In addition to parking, there is also a small grocery.

Rafting on rubber boats from over Kokavský most is prohibited due to the nature protection.


Rafting the river Bela is certainly among the most beautiful natural rafting in Slovakia. It is quite intensive, so it is recommended only experienced rafters, or accompanied by experienced guides. Bela is the best raft in late spring when is snow melts in the mountains and rain is also richer, so in late April and during May

The upper section Kokavský most – Pribylina

The lower section – Liptovský Hrádok


During the period when Bela is navigable, water and the air temperature are relatively low. Neoprene shoes, neoprene waterproof jacket and trousers are becoming a necessity. An ideal is also the use of thermal underwear. Quality helmet and vest are very important in wild water.


According to traffic regulations, which apply to the Bela river, rafting is possible only when the water-level at the site Podbanské is at min. 70 cm and max. 120 cm.

Rafting is not allowed between Hotel Permon and Kokavský most.


Difficulty: Moderate to severe, WW II – III +
The length and time of the trip: Podbanské (Kokavský most) – Liptovský Hrádok 17 km, about 2 hours.


Distances those listed as the crow flies

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